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Coach Al uses the ‘Socratic Method’ in his coaching approach. Lots of critical questions to draw out the real issues and truths that are preventing growth and productivity. No new-age philosophies that are currently in vogue….just hard-core, down-to-earth questions that focus on what is most important to the individual client or group. It’s custom – designed especially for individuals dedicated to taking charge and achieving success in business and life.

Wilfred Drath of the Center for Creative Leadership says: ‘From our research, it seems that executives can introspect, but only by special effort….’


Examples of Coaching

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is about looking ahead and setting goals for the future. Coach Al will provide a confidential, non-judgmental, impartial and personalized support, helping you to close the gap between where you are to where you want to be.

With  over 45 years in the coaching/training field, Coach Al questions, actively listens, and challenges erroneous thinking in such a way that new perspectives are explored that lead to positive outcomes in a safe environment.

Are you ready?

Team Coaching

Team-coaching focuses on teams who meet on a regular basis to address team-related problems, issues and situations. This focus concentrates on the ‘doing’ in a highly structured process. Cyber Coaching The main differences between CyberCoaching and the more traditional form of coaching is that CyberCoaching is predominantly e-mail based. Through the immediacy of e-mail, Coach Al works directly with the client to uncover problem areas, assist in setting goals, and then create and implement strategies to achieve them. It’s great for working on the big picture issues and is very effective for dealing with issues and opportunities as they present themselves. Other reasons for using CyberCoaching are:

  • Convenience, being able to read, print, respond, ponder, review in your own time.

  • Some people just prefer to ‘see’ words rather than listen.

  • Distance is irrelevant and there are no telephone charges.

  • Some people get clarity by writing.

“A personal coach can help you by getting you to spell out what it is that you really want and then working with you to make the changes that actually enable you to get there.”– The Vancouver Province 

 Retirement Coaching

  • Are you retiring in less than 3 years?

  • Are you already retired, but BORED, UNFULFILLED and just generally DISSATISFIED?

  • Are you really interested in getting the most out of what could be the longest phase of your life?

Retirement isn’t the end – it’s just the beginning. With today’s life expectancies, you can expect to stay active for many years after retiring. Unfortunately, many people actually spend more time planning a vacation than they do to their retirement. This can cause individuals to enter their retirement haphazardly which can put them at risk for less joy, less happiness and poor health. With A’ís coaching approach, you can discover what your ideal retirement looks like – then create a plan to make it happen. In the process you will learn how to make a positive transition into this new phase of life.

Leadership Coaching

In most cases, managers and supervisors are very competent. In fact, their technical skills were probably the catalyst for advancement to their current position. Yet in a leadership role, technical expertise is not enough. Often it can be a hindrance. Managers and supervisors have to make a transition from excelling in their technical competencies to excelling in their people and leadership competencies. Coach Al will guide and encourage you as you go through this transition to make the shifts necessary to:

  • achieve aggressive targets

  • listen and respond effectively to their staff

  • build and motivate their team

  • encourage initiative

  • delegate effectively

  • strengthen interpersonal communication skills

Coaching Program Fees:

Flexible expert coaching to meet your needs and your schedule per month: Example of coaching options:

  • Option #1 – Coaching: Three 60-minute scheduled sessions per month: $500/month. E-mail check-ins, support and short coaching calls between scheduled sessions as needed.

  • Option #2 – Coaching: Three 30-minute scheduled sessions per month: $395/month. E-mail check-ins, support and short coaching calls between scheduled sessions as needed.

  • Option #3 – Maintenance: This program is recommended only after the first 4-5 months of coaching. Two sessions per month: $300


Talking the talk and ‘Walking the walk’ are not the same.


Employee Performance & Development

What should be a A key goal of any organization is a performance-focused workplace. I am available to facilitate and implement workshops related to performance. (Fee is negotiable for conducting workshops).

I am also available to conduct a review of your current performance appraisal system which could  uncover answers to the following questions:

  • Is it doing what it was designed to do?

  • Is management using it properly?

  • Are employees using it properly?

  • Do your employees know how to effectively receive a performance appraisal that benefits them and the company?

The fee for assessing your performance appraisal system is $500 per day.

Assessment of internal/external training programs

Are you getting an ROI on your current training programs? How do you know? With 45 years of training and performance management experience, Al can help you make your training programs more cost-effective and relevant to your particular business needs. The fee for this assessment is $300 per day.


Five frogs are sitting on a log. Four decide to jump off. How many are left?Answer: five. Why? Because there’s a difference between deciding and doing. – Mark Feldman & Michael Sprall, ‘Five Frogs on a Log’


Coaching is usually conducted in a series of telephone discussions or e-mail transactions (CyberCoaching), whatever is most convenient and comfortable for you. An initial face-to-face meeting may be arranged if you are within reasonable travelling distance, e.g., the greater Vancouver area, or the Vancouver Island area. All the above fees are payable in advance by PayPal. For a PayPal account, go to: Other billing arrangements are available if required.

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